Student and Parent Policies
Updated: 6/1/2021


The Walton Music Institute offers private instruction for band students at Walton High School, Dickerson Middle School and Dodgen Middle School. The Music Institute is designed to provide quality private instruction that is convenient and comfortable for our students and families. Lessons will be held at Walton High School with highly qualified musicians who specialize on their instruments.



Since 1975, the Walton Band has built a tradition of excellence in both concert and marching band. One area that has helped build strong Walton bands over the years has been private instruction. Private study on an instrument is the fastest way to attain individual improvement. It is only through private study that a professional will hear the student play on a weekly basis. Students will focus on fundamental skills that are particular to their instrument. These are aspects of development that are harder to address in a full band setting. By developing a command of the instrument, the student’s enjoyment increases and his or her desire to learn fuels future success. Instructors provide individualized assignments and feedback specific to the student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Private study develops a lifelong love of music, places demand on individual discipline and enhances self-esteem. Much attention can be given to preparing for auditions for District Honor Band, All-State, college admissions, and scholarships.



The Walton Music Institute is designed to serve those students not currently studying privately. It is not designed to take students away from teachers not in the Walton Music Institute and should not be interpreted as a signal to change teachers. There are many fine teachers in the immediate area who offer comparable quality instruction.



Lesson fees are set at: 

  • $25 One-time Initiation Fee
  • $35 per 30-minute lesson
  • $60 per 60-minute lesson

Families will be billed monthly for the scheduled lessons (please see dates below).

Payments for WMI will only be taken through our website. To pay, go to, select WMI Payment, and make an online payment via e-check or credit card. Credit card payments will be assessed a 3% processing fee (pass-thru charge), and e-check payments are $1.25 per transaction. If you wish to pay a semester at a time, please email us and we will bill you as requested.

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payments not received by 12:01pm the 3rd day of the month will be assessed a $25 late fee. The late fee will NOT be waived, and your account must be current before continuing with lessons. If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, lessons for your student may be cancelled and your reserved lesson slot would then become available for another student.



Your invoice will be available at on the 20th of the month prior to lessons and due by the 1st of the month.


Only when the instructor cancels a lesson and is unable to reschedule will a credit be issued for a missed lesson. Credits will be applied in the last month of the academic semester (December and May).



Once assigned a lesson time, all communication should be with the assigned lesson teachers regarding absences/make-ups, not the band directors.


Once assigned a lesson time on the official WMI calendar, students are expected to attend. No show/No call is an unexcused absence for lessons. A student that wishes to be excused from his/her lesson should contact the private lesson teacher at least 24 hours in advance and should schedule a make-up lesson at that time. Contacting a director does not excuse an absence from a lesson. Students who are sick should let their lesson teacher know as soon as possible.


It is important that students obtain their private teachers’ phone number and email so contact can be made easily. Students/Parents are responsible for contacting their teacher in order to be granted an excused absence. Notice of school events should be given to your private lessons teacher. Your private teachers are not employees of CCSD and are unaware of “special event” day/trips. Lessons are charged monthly according to the lesson dates listed below; an absence does not change the monthly amount you are charged.



Make-ups for missed lessons should be completed as soon as possible, preferably within the same month as the missed lesson occurred. The family should communicate directly with the instructor to schedule the make-up lesson. No make-ups will be scheduled for missed lessons that are unexcused.



Students and parents should be aware that private study takes patience and effort over a period of time. We ask that students and parents commit to the private lesson program for the entire school year. If students wish to discontinue lessons, they may do so at any time provided they give both the instructor and WMI written notice of intent to discontinue at least ONE MONTH before stopping and pay all fees through that one-month period.